Phylli Designs was born from long-standing generational love affair of both horse racing and fashion and represents a creative outlet for its founder and designer Laura Hall. The evolution and creative vision of Phylli continue to be true in finding the perfect accessory for every occasion and provoking the inner confidence within.

With this in mind, our luxury headpieces embody silks and luscious leather that are both timeless and classic for the racing season and timely social events. Phylli headpieces are intentionally designed to be unique yet versatile for all seasons and all wearers.

As an accomplished hat maker, Laura created the Strickland collection of custom, handmade hats from sustainably sourced materials. This collection features wide brims, hand-shaped crown silhouettes and is represented by a range of vibrant colours and trims, worn by Australia's fashion-forward men and women. 

3 products

3 products