POL Flashlight Crushed Silk Skirt - Flashlight Print

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POL Flashlight Crushed Silk Skirt - Flashlight Print

The Flashlight Skirt is a signature piece for Autumn - made from pure silk, the fabric is crushed to create a flattering, body hugging silhouette.
-Elasticised waistband - pull on style.
-Pre-crushed ready for wear.
-Midi-length silhouette.
-Its up to you to keep the skirt crushed or wear it as a straight silk skirt! Once wet, the crushing will drop. You can keep your skirt crushed by tightly twisting the silk when wet and letting dry while twisted. You can store hanging or keep the twisted skirt in a drawer for extra tight crush detailing.
-100% Silk.
-Designed to match back with the Lantern, Willow and Illusion stories.
-Also available in solid Caramel 

Colour: Flashlight Print

Composition: 100% Silk